Sunday, August 23, 2020

Whimsy Park: Poems for the Whole Family is Published!

 Whimsy Park

Poems for the Whole Family 

Well, my first book is published. It is a beautiful book of 40 poems written by yours truly, Papa Green Bean.  The illustrator is Christen Mattix, and she created 40 matching watercolor illustrations. Here is the cover. Pretty cool, huh? This is a rubber band, and she is a philosopher! The white cat has her own poem also. But the birds just make a few cameos.



I hope you will let me know if you'd like a copy. Right now, I only have the paperback version, but it turned out so well. I am perfectly pleased. When the hardcover version comes out it will be available on Amazon. 

Best to everyone during this most peculiar of summers.  One of the benefits of believing in play-based learning is that missing classroom time is not nearly as big a deal as many so called experts would lead you to believe. If a child has free-time to play at their own pace in a non restrictive environment, then great imagination is produced. It's not necessary for the adults/parents to step in. They can do their own thing while simply maintaining an eye on the child from afar. The best learning takes place when the children let their elders be!

 I'll keep you all up to date on Whimsy Park.


Papa Green Bean

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