Sunday, September 21, 2014

International Day of Peace

Peace In – Peace Out

Who has read The Absorbent Mind by Dr. Maria Montessori?
I credit some of my words here to that book, which I first read in 1986. 

These next 4 lines I wrote for my daughter:
The heart and soul—the strongest—most beautiful of creations
Are inside you—the future is within.
So grin as you listen to its din.

When my daughter, Anna, was born I began to study the work of Dr. Maria Montessori, even taking off a year to obtain a degree from the Association Montessori Internationale in Atlanta. 

Montessori education, early childhood
Dr. Montessori: Peace Advocate Superb

Many don’t realize that Dr. Montessori’s thinking covers the whole development of human kind from birth to adulthood. Its application among all social classes, cultures and creeds on all five continents focuses on the challenge that no attempt to solve social and moral issues will succeed if we concentrate only on humans-as-adults and not on the whole person, and that it is the young child who determines humanity’s future. Her peaceful philosophy can be felt here in Bellingham and all around the world.

The child sees, believes.
The child grows naturally, desires endlessly.
The child is the key.

Every child born into our world is a pacifist. Our human nature is pure at birth. We are peaceful. The way we are raised, our nurture, instills our tendency to be happy and loving.  Or, our environment changes us, and we become… little soldiers. Parents are the baby’s largest influence in the first five years of a child’s life. Most parents want their children to grow up well, but they have their own issues to overcome.

When I feel the world in me, I would not think to shout.
When I feel the world on me, I am inclined to burst out.

The child may become vulnerable to the consequences of negligence or misguidance.
I believe, the fastest path to reach world peace begins with each infant. Look to the babe. Listen to the newborn’s plea.

 I am helpless, and pure, trusting you”.

If children are treated with complete respect from birth, they have a much higher chance of become caring, cheerful, curious, confident, creative contributing adults to a peaceful and progressive society.

When skies unfold themselves bellowing with glee,
They’ve reached maturity.
When countries meld friendship and freedom,
They’ve arrived at wisdom.
When children repeat their intense love of a simple exercise,
They are fulfilled.
Whenever nature is allowed to blossom with patience and understanding,
It’s rewarding to the blue sky up high, to the land beyond command,
And to the human being unseen.

Peace in - peace out, Papa Green Bean