Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pillars of Fatherhood

Join A Dad's Club!

I joined Bellingham Dads a couple of weeks ago. The founder, Jeff, suggested that he put my Papa Green Bean posts onto his website. I happily agreed and he very kindly announced "Local Blogger joins Bellingham Dad's. He and his wife have a 20 month old boy and an eleven year old girl. I hadn't met them until last Saturday evening at an outdoor concert on the water. The park

Children relaxing at the park
Boulevard Park, Bellingham in full concert/family mode
was busy with activity. A beautiful sunset & gentle breeze along with boats, kayaks, and gulls filled Bellingham Bay, as an energetic salsa band encouraged the crowd into dancing in front of the stage.
Just then, I spotted Jeff and his family biking in from the trail. They quickly dismounted and it wasn't long before Jeff, his wife and son were dancing up front and his daughter was practicing gymnastics in the soft grass next to the music. Now that's positive role modeling! Jeff is a stay at home dad among an increasingly number of fathers that are taking an active role in their children's life.
Dad & child time is priceless

The Great Dads Society is another online dad's group I joined. They are located in the New Jersey/New York/Connecticut area. Robert Loftus is very passionate & hands-on about his organization. Here is their mission statement:

 "We want to inspire and engage fathers from all walks of life to be an active father, serve as an idea exchange group on parenting and life in general as being a great dad is a lifelong process."

From The Great Dads Society website:

Pillars of Fatherhood:
  • Honesty – our word is our bond, be true to each other and most of all to your children.
  • Empathy – we are all in this together, our experiences will bind us as brothers and empower us as fathers.
  • Accountability – children are our future, it is the responsibility of us as men to ensure that children of all means and circumstance have a father. We are going to hold each other responsible as Great Dads and teach our children to take responsibility for their actions.
  • Respect – children learn what they see, be a man who earns respects and shows respect.

  • Trust – honesty breeds trust, strong family values are built on both.

  • HEART! Nobody ever said being a parent is easy, but as long as you use your heart and love, you are a Great Dad.


Bellingham Dads is associated with the national At-Home Dads Network and Jeff will be attending their national conference in Denver next month. Great Dads Society was just approved to be a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization. 

Good things are happening locally and nationally for fatherhood! Are you a dad? Have you joined a dads club? 

Cheers, Papa Green Bean