Wednesday, July 10, 2013


    Humor and Philosophy Do Mix

Grin and Read It

Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) was a perfectionist for rhyme, alliteration, consonance, and assonance. But, his true genius was his sense of humor. He revolutionized early childhood books by
The Cat in the Hat
making it fun to read aloud. He helped parents make learning to read a joy - not a task.

I fell in love with the clever "Green Eggs and Ham" and instantly wanted every Dr. Seuss book my mother could find. So, when I read a New York Times interview with Sally's mother from "Cat in the Hat" fame, I nearly hurt myself from laughing. Attached is Sarah Schmelling's brilliant piece for your amusement. Life should always make time for a good funny (especially when it provides insights into the mysterious characters from our early childhood reads - ha!):

Click Here--- the-mom-from-the-cat-in-the-hat-finally-speaks

To Educate is to 'Lead Out', not 'Hammer In'

Dr. Maria Montessori was a pioneer whose work covers a field much vaster than that of education and child psychology. Her extraordinary insights into the spirit of newborns are no longer a matter of interest for parents and teachers alone, but they raise questions concerning mankind as a whole. Peace is, perhaps, the most vital challenge for the world today. Dr. Montessori's philosophy shows the great role of the child, as the builder of the inner foundation, on which alone that peace can be constructed. 

Note to Reader:
Papa Green Bean does not endorse Montessori schools per say, as they have proven to be extremely difficult (and expensive) to operate effectively. Suffice it to say there are incredibly good Montessori schools (where the child & parent are extremely lucky to be a part of) and there are disasters (that have given the 'Montessori' name a questionable image).

My only focus is on Maria Montessori's scientific work as it pertains to the natural unfolding of each newborn, and how best to allow, rather than hinder, this enormous potential in each human being to reach its fullest.

Understanding Montessori philosophy, as a way of life for you and your children, does not cost anything. It is free!!! 

Please watch the first 3:17 of this video (it is 8:49 minutes total) now. Thanks a lot!

Papa Green Bean's Thought of the Day:

"It is the young child who determines man's future as an adult member of society"

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Let your infants explore their environment, without interruption, in a lively room of music and/or conversation (no television, for you, until they are in the land of nod, please)...

Relax and reap the joys of a child, Papa Green Bean