Monday, June 24, 2013

Papa Green Bean's First Post: Yes, Let's Rally For Newborn Babies

Yes, Let's Rally For Babies

Initial Thoughts - "From Little Peas at Birth to World Peace on Earth"

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Papa Green Bean gets ready for a bike ride with his daughter, Anna
As the first official post of my first blog, I was wondering what specific topic to cover. I starting combing through the thirty years of brain storm notes, inspired poems... clippings of quotes, cartoons, book reviews, expert interviews, and so forth, all rallying the thesis that if a child is to grow up to be a contributing member of society, the beginning of life is the best place to start working on it. It seems obvious. Simply, the best solution to achieving world peace, right? Okay, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Blogs I've been told (by my blog instructor), must be short and sweet, otherwise they end up being "bounced" or bookmarked to die a slow death like a well intentioned pile of dusty National Geographic magazines. So, let's start philosophizing...

    Reasons for the motivation of the Papa Green Bean blog:

  • Every newborn's job is to observe and absorb their surrounding environment
  • Raising a child is an art but, I claim, it is not that hard with the right attitude
  • There are simple secrets of successful parenting which makes raising children better for everyone
  • I (Papa Green Bean) have done it (personal experience as a father and working with other children - primarily birth to eight)
  • I feel I know what the most important insights are to bringing out the best in children and I want to share them with parents, child care providers, and educators (but primarily first time parents)
  • I am able to get inside the brain of a child (understanding their thought pattern and developmental needs is instrumental to mutual respect and happiness) 
  • I wish to be a public advocate for early childhood development from day one (the first thousand days of a baby's life are the most important, in my opinion)
  • I aspire to develop best practices and spread understanding of quality child rearing techniques from the best minds and researchers in the world of early childhood education & development
  • I want to help first time parents to relax and use humor, rhyme and lightheartedness because these are vital in my work
  • Cheerful, curious, and confident children are our best hope for a bright future, individually and collectively

Petition for Babies
Monday, July 8th @ 2:00 pm EST there will be an online rally for babies (
This is one of many governmental, NGO (non-governmental organization), grassroots (Papa Green Bean) advocacy entities that are committed to spreading awareness and driving action to early childhood education and development from birth. 

Hillary Clinton just recently has further made positive contributions in bringing awareness to the most critical developmental period for children (birth to five) and first time
parents with her "Too Little To Fail" initiative. Please watch this four minute video.  

Papa Green Bean tip of the day: 

Reading, Dad and daughter spending quality time together.
Papa Green Bean spending quality time with Anna

      Until next time,

    Read-Laugh-Explore, Papa Green Bean

"Parents can
buy children
or give them