Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Five Good Reasons To Spank Your Child*

Five Good Reasons To Spank Your Child*

1.   Love  You have to love your child enough to be tough and do what is necessary to get the desired result. Parent first, friend second.   

Thank you, mama... I trust you, now

2.  You want to be respected - 
To be feared (in the sense of reverence) is to be respected. Your children should be afraid of going against your rules. It also teaches them to submit to authority regardless of whether or not they agree.

3.    You want to teach them how to make good decisions Our destinies are determined by decision-making. Children have the option to obey or face the consequences, and they need to know consequences hurt.

4.    You want them to have self-control - When you are aware of what is on the other side of making a poor decision, it is easier to exercise restraint.

5.    You want them to be accountable - Every decision has an outcome, good or bad. Just as you reward your child for the good, you must also acknowledge and address the bad.

* These five items are complete and utter hogwash

The actual list had eight reasons to spank, but I thought them somewhat redundant, so I consolidated them to five. It’s so, so sad to see the above list as someone’s truth. It is so warped that I wondered if it was actually a serious article or a farce. Unfortunately, I decided it was not intended to be comedy. What do you think?  I was so taken back, and intrigued at the same time, I added it to my 'open mic' reading that night, at a local monthly gathering of poets and writers.

Honesty is way overrated!

People who see the world from a violent, authoritarian perspective need help. Realistically, It is a huge challenge to make changes in their cycle of harmful discipline. It is the ones who have been damaged by negativity, that I wish to reach, to enable them to see and comprehend the positivity of unconditional love and respect for humanity from birth. And to, hopefully, change from within first. Then spread their new found empathy to their immediate circle, and let the spirit of encouragement and the mindset of growth spiral expanding evermore.

What if the world could catch a viral disease of harmony and empathy for each newborn? 

With hugs, humor, and respect,
Children of peace spread and infect
Our world with compassion

Papa Green Bean

Letting our egos out to dissipate into the air takes an inner confidence—courage to accept self and to really want to do better for the closest ones in your immediate circle. Rather than being stubborn with a fixed mindset, open up to the beauty and happiness in embracing compassionate relationships. 

Thanks so much for showing me how to instill obedience

The intriguing result of raising children with complete respect is that they then, in return, grow up and develop:

  • Self-confidence - courage to stand up to unfairness
  • Openness - willingness to try new things 
  • Curiosity - gumption to think outside the norm
  • Cheerfulness - healthy sense of humor
  • Self-expression - able to articulate thoughts and opinions
  • Caring  -  empathy for family, friends and community
  • Maturity - honesty with adults
  • Responsibility - understanding of rights and obligations

The big picture result of not growing up in an environment of adversity is you have a much higher statistical probability of living a mentally and physically healthy life. 

By the way, I addressed this issue before, under Spanking - Discipline or Abuse?

Live, love, laugh, Papa Green Bean